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Site Highlight: Regional Training Site – Medical (RTS-MED), Ft. Gordon


The SALUS Group, Inc. (TSG) is dedicated to the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of simulation-based medical education.  We offer the full spectrum of medical training to the Department of Defense so our customers can meet their mission of training and sustaining a technically proficient and operationally ready medical force to support the warfighter.  Mr. Tim Blackston leads these efforts for TSG as the Clinical Training Instructor at the Regional Training Site - Medical (RTS-MED) Program at Fort Gordon, GA.  Mr. Blackston supports all aspects of training for individual medical skills sustainment, modular/section level medical skills sustainment, unit-level collective training, and exercise support. In addition, Mr. Blackston supports the Army Special Forces with simulations as part of the Prolonged Field Care Course, providing a service that is unique to Ft Gordon only. 


RTS-MED is responsible for executing training for Army Reserve component medical units, other Army components, joint medical units, and civil authorities by providing integrated combat health support training and logistical support. Three primary sites are Camp Parks, CA, which includes the sub-site at Fort Hunter-Liggett, CA; Fort Gordon, GA; and Fort McCoy, WI. These sites offer realistic training on several versions of medical simulators in state-of-the-art facilities and complete, tactical, Deployable Medical Systems (DEPMEDS). 


As the premier training platform for the health service support functional areas, the RTS-MED program has all the necessary equipment, personnel, and facilities to support medical training from selected individual training subjects through multi-echelon, multi-functional, collective training, and exercises. Trainers use classrooms, a clinical skills lab, a clinical simulation lab, and the DEPMEDS training set. RTS-MED activities include individual and collective clinical, organizational, and Warrior Task training; biomedical maintenance support and training; logistics support; training support; exercise support; testbed for Research and Development programs; post-mobility/pre-deployment support; and disaster contingency support. Mobile Training Teams provides training on multiple POI’s at their home station upon request. 


RTS-MED is a valuable training resource that includes dedicated training facilities, training on all hospital systems, and clinical training for the professional and non-professional staff. At Ft. Gordon, RTS-MED is the only available solution to the sustainment training requirement. 


Mr. Blackston’s work exemplifies TSG’s mission as a global leader in providing lasting solutions to our client’s most challenging management, technology, and policy issues. Our mission is possible through providing innovative solutions, passionate commitment, and bringing together medical and technical expertise to support our clients through the entire program life cycle. 

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