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Site Highlight: RAF Lakenheath

Melissa Palmer and Meghan Caraballo lead SALUS efforts at RAF Lakenheath, England, as part of the 48th Medical Group. Classes offered include ALS, PALS, NRP, BLS, CRP and SABC, with TCCC being added this year. Requests for training are typically in high demand and must be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance. The annual Code Blue Challenge allows different departments to compete with each other, raising interest, participation, camaraderie and quality of learning outcomes. Local Fire Departments benefit greatly by participating in on-site training using state-of-the-art sim manikins. The EMT Refresher course allows participants to experience a range of trauma care scenarios including a civilian car accident that includes injured adults and small children.


TSG efforts are not just restricted to on-base training as we are actively involved in community outreach efforts. In addition to a robust Combat Mission Readiness program we also offer a Nurses Skills Fair and multi-unit training. Base-wide exercises include Ready EAGLE, Furious 48 and Active Shooter drills and feature top-notch, life-like moulage that make the experiences highly immersive.


TSG is dedicated to offering the highest quality medical training at RAF Lakenheath and will continue to do so. For more information, including an analysis of your training needs and goals or performing a gap analysis to identify your requirements, contact us now.

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